Completed Projects

Past SCCAHS research projects analyzed factors associated with health and safety outcomes in agriculture, fisheries and forestry.  Learn more about these projects below.  

Past Research

Extent of Agricultural Pesticide Applications in Florida Using Best Practices
Gregory Glass, Ph.D.
Project Summary Although agriculture represents a key industry in Florida, little recent information is available on the potential exposure of workers to various herbicides and pesticides that are needed to grow commercial food crops. We propose to develop estimates of...

Past Pilot Research

Chronic low back pain in seafood workers: a pilot intervention study to identify modifiable work and movement solutions
Kim Dunleavy
Identify modifiable, sector-specific, work and movement solutions with the potential to reduce the burden or severity of chronic lower back pain in small samples of clam workers.   Determine the extent that participants adopt identified solution(s), and the impact of their...
Pilot study of mobile app monitoring to prevent heat-related symptoms among Hispanic farmworkers
Juan Luque
Test and evaluate an OSHA mobile application among migrant and seasonal farmworkers to reduce the risk of heat-related illness (HRI).   Assess the feasibility of recruiting farmworker crew leaders to train-the-trainer intervention and measure implementation of the health intervention.  
Understanding the scope of the opioid epidemic for agricultural industries
Heidi Radunovich
Obtain qualitative and quantitative survey data to inform understanding of how opioid usage is impacting the functioning of agricultural personnel and their families.    Inform outreach material and program development to support agricultural health and safety.   Provide information to relevant stakeholders...



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