Pilot study of mobile app monitoring to prevent heat-related symptoms among Hispanic farmworkers

Key Personnel

Juan Luque
Juan Luque
Florida A&M University
  1. Test and evaluate an OSHA mobile application among migrant and seasonal farmworkers to reduce the risk of heat-related illness (HRI).  
  2. Assess the feasibility of recruiting farmworker crew leaders to train-the-trainer intervention and measure implementation of the health intervention.  


Luque, J, Becker, A, Bossak, B, Grzywacz, J, Tovar-Aguilar, A: Guo, Y. (2019) Knowledge and Practices to Avoid Heat-Related Illness among Hispanic Farmworkers along the Florida- Georgia Line. Journal of Agromedicine. DOI: 10.1080/1059924X.2019.1670312 PMID: 31544652


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