NIOSH Research Grant Program. Call for Proposals, Announcement No. PAR-13-129

The purpose of this grant program is to develop an understanding of the risks and conditions associated with occupational diseases and injuries, to explore methods for reducing risks and for preventing or minimizing exposure to hazardous conditions in the workplace, and to translate significant scientific findings into prevention practices and products that will effectively reduce work-related illnesses and injuries.

Proposals should address the research objectives supported by NIOSH, which include, but are not limited to the following:

    • the identification and investigation of the relationships between hazardous working conditions and associated occupational diseases and injuries;
    • the development of more sensitive means of evaluating hazards at work sites;
    • the development of methods for measuring early markers of adverse health effects and injuries;
    • the development of new protective equipment and engineering control technology to reduce work-related illnesses and injuries;
    • the development of work practices that reduce the risks of occupational hazards; and
    • the evaluation of the technical feasibility or application of a new or improved occupational safety and health procedure, method, technique, or system, including assessment of economic and other factors that influence their diffusion and successful adoption in workplaces.

Detailed information available here and here.