SCCAHS works in several teams to address challenges related to agricultural health and safety. Our teams include administration, research, pilot research, emerging issues, evaluation, and outreach:

  • Administration provides oversight and ensures integration of resources throughout the Center.
  • Research is composed of leading scientists that explore key topics in agricultural health and safety research.
  • Pilot research explores original research with seed funds from the Center.
  • Emerging issues assists SCCAHS in addressing new, emerging, and re-emerging problems within their region.
  • Evaluation provides a framework for longitudinal, center-wide evaluations to assess the processes, outcomes, and impact of program and core activities
  • Outreach delivers knowledge transfer support for the Research Core and Pilot/Feasibility Program, integration with educational and extension activities, effective and culturally competent communication, and information dissemination to stakeholders across the six-state region.