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Upcoming Webinar

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Detection of Chronic Kidney Disease of Unknown Etiology in Florida | July 17 @ 1 P.M. Eastern

July 17, 2024

Chronic kidney disease of unknown etiology (CKDu) is an emerging public health concern for agricultural workers in various regions within the subtropics and tropics. The pathologic mechanisms leading to this form of nephropathy remain a mystery, but the process appears to be multifactorial. Join this webinar to learn about an ongoing research project investigating the incidence and prevalence of CKDu among agricultural communities in Florida. 

In this webinar, researchers Norman Beatty and John Diaz will share the current understanding of CKDu and its global impact, discuss hypotheses and potential contributing factors to CKDu, present research focused on investigating CKDu within Florida’s agricultural communities, and introduce their approach to analyzing occupational disparities, identifying geographical hotspots, and developing a multi-level and geospatial model for CKDu risk factors. 

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