Chronic low back pain in seafood workers: a pilot intervention study to identify modifiable work and movement solutions

Key Personnel

  • Clinical Professor

    Kim Dunleavy

    University of Florida, College of Public Health and Health Professions


Identify modifiable, sector-specific, work and movement solutions with the potential to reduce the burden or severity of chronic lower back pain in small samples of clam workers.  

Determine the extent that participants adopt identified solution(s), and the impact of their self-selected work and movement modifications or functional difficulty and low back pain.  


Dunleavy, K., Bishop, M.D., Coffman, A., Reidy, J., and Kane, A.S. 2020. Chronic low back pain in seafood workers: feasibility and acceptability of a rapid prototype participatory ergonomic self-management approach. International Journal of Occupational Safety and Ergonomics. (In review).
Dunleavy, K., Kane, A.S., Coffman, AB, Reidy, J., and Bishop, M.D. 2020. Effectiveness of participatory ergonomic self-management for chronic low back pain in seafood workers. Journal of Occupational Rehabilitation (In review).