Uncovering patterns of mental, physical, and occupational health issues among migrant farmworkers with different socio-cultural networks: A pilot study among Haitian and Mexican farm workers in Immokalee, FL

Key Personnel

  • Gulcan Önel

    University of Florida, Institute Of Food and Agricultural Sciences (IFAS)

  1. Create pilot data by conducting a three-module survey among 30 Haitian and 60 Mexican workers in Immokalee, FL. The three modules will focus on 1) physical and mental well-being: 2) social network structure and degree of connectedness; and, 3) demographic and occupational information.   
  2. Assess the impact of key indicators of social support and social networks on the overall burden of mental disorders, primarily on social isolation, depression, and anxiety disorders.   
  3. Assess the impact of mental health status on physical health measures of farmworkers using regression analysis controlling for socio-demographic covariates.   
  4. Develop an occupational health model of migrant farmworkers where social networks/connectedness, mental health status, and physical health status of migrant farmworkers are determined endogenously and allowed to jointly affect their potential occupational outcome.