Cultivating Safety and Wellbeing for Children and Youth in Agriculture | February 21 @ 11 A.M. Eastern

February 21, 2024

Agriculture is among the most hazardous occupations worldwide and unique in that children and youth account for a percentage of the associated injuries and fatalities. Whether adolescents are actively working or simply present on farms, they can be exposed to unsafe conditions and experience higher rates of injuries and fatalities compared to adolescents in non-agricultural settings. It is important to account for risks to children and youth and create action plans specifically designed for adolescents in any agricultural workplace.

In our upcoming webinar, Barbara Lee will share some of the reasons that agricultural-related injuries and fatalities are still a persistent problem among adolescents in the United States. Dr. Lee will discuss the child development principles that guide interventions and provide recommendations to improve child and youth safety and health within agriculture.


  • Dean Emanuel Endowed Chair and Senior Research Scientist

    Barbara Lee RN, Ph.D.

    Marshfield Clinic Research Institute