Development and Deployment of a Farmworker Housing Simulator for COVID-19 Risk Mitigation

December 15, 2020

Agriculture work sites present unique challenges for preventing and controlling the spread of COVID-19 to keep farmworkers safe during the pandemic. Shared worker housing, mostly for H-2A workers, can be especially concerning due to the increased duration of contact between those among the same residence.

On December 15 at 1 p.m. Eastern, the Southeastern Coastal Center for Agricultural Health and Safety will host Dr. Leigh McCue as she shares an online educational tool for reducing the spread of COVID-19 in farmworker housing. The tool provides a simplified model for how the novel coronavirus can spread through farmworker housing and how simple changes can affect the spread of infection. Join the webinar to learn more about Dr. McCue’s research, the online tool, and ways to educate farm owners and workers about reducing the spread of COVID-19.


  • Associate Professor Department of Mechanical Engineering

    Leigh McCue, PhD

    George Mason University