Building resilience capacity and climate adaptation in the US Caribbean | October 25 @ 1 P.M. Eastern

October 25, 2023

Climate change affects human health by altering exposures to extreme events such as heat waves, floods, and droughts and alters persistent environmental conditions such as the quality and safety of air, food, and water. In the US Caribbean, long histories of colonization and systemic inequality have further shaped the ability of the citizens to maintain health and well-being. In our upcoming webinar, hear from Pablo Mendez-Lazaro as he discusses how a changing climate is affecting the people of US Caribbean territories. Dr. Mendez-Lazaro will share how proactive adaptations and interventions can reduce the risks and impacts of climate-sensitive health outcomes.


  • Associate Professor

    Pablo A. Mendez-Lazaro Ph.D

    Environmental Health Department, University of Puerto Rico-Medical Sciences Campus