Effectiveness and Implementation of Self-Management for Horticulture Workers 

Project Summary While low back pain (LBP) is highly prevalent and potentially disabling, few intervention studies to mitigate LBP have been conducted in the labor-intensive agriculture sectors, and no evidence-based intervention studies exist specific to horticulture workers. In a preliminary study, horticulture workers in Florida reported a high incidence of opioid use attributed to work-related […]

Detection of Chronic Kidney Disease of Unknown Etiology in Florida by Repurposing a Statewide Data Infrastructure for Surveillance

Project Summary Chronic kidney disease of unknown etiology (CKDu) is an emerging public health concern for agricultural workers in various regions within the subtropics and tropics. Recognition of this condition is growing among agricultural communities and has been described in regions found in Central America, Sri Lanka, India, Tunisia, and Taiwan. The pathologic mechanisms leading […]

Exploring mental health and natural disasters in agricultural communities in Puerto Rico

The overarching goal of this project is to adapt and pilot an assessment tool to explore mental health status using previously developed resources. The investigative team expects that the implementation and use of the developed tools will provide a pathway to effectively assess the mental health and resilience of agricultural workers in Puerto Rico as […]

A novel approach (sweat patches) to monitoring pesticide exposure in farmworkers

Develop and assess the accuracy and precision of laboratory techniques used to measure pesticides and their metabolites from sweat patches.   Document challenges and problems experienced by farmworkers in using sweat patches.   Determine the levels and variance in concentrations of pesticides and metabolites obtained from sweat to those obtained from urine.  

Understanding the scope of the opioid epidemic for agricultural industries

Obtain qualitative and quantitative survey data to inform understanding of how opioid usage is impacting the functioning of agricultural personnel and their families.    Inform outreach material and program development to support agricultural health and safety.   Provide information to relevant stakeholders on how to best address opioid addiction within their respective industries & inform resource navigation.

Uncovering patterns of mental, physical, and occupational health issues among migrant farmworkers with different socio-cultural networks: A pilot study among Haitian and Mexican farm workers in Immokalee, FL

Create pilot data by conducting a three-module survey among 30 Haitian and 60 Mexican workers in Immokalee, FL. The three modules will focus on 1) physical and mental well-being: 2) social network structure and degree of connectedness; and, 3) demographic and occupational information.    Assess the impact of key indicators of social support and social networks […]

Developing an Integrated Decision Support Tool and Network for WPS Respirator Compliance in Florida Agricultural Industries

Assess needs for outreach materials in respiratory protection (among farmers, pesticide applicators, agrochemical/PPE dealers, and primary care providers).    Develop and disseminate decision-support tools.    Evaluate audience response to socially-marketed decision-support tools. Reconvene with respirator working group to plan for scaling up results (to state-wide and cross-industry levels).