Climate Trends and Variability –Applications to Agriculture in the Southeast | June 6 @ 11 A.M. EDT

June 6, 2023

Climate trends and variability play an important role in agriculture and the risks faced by producers. Climate predictions and agricultural forecasting provide a critical support structure for the agricultural industry so producers can make informed decisions related to climate variability. In our upcoming webinar, hear from David Zierden as he shares about weather and climate threats as they apply to Southeast U.S. agricultural production. Zierden is the Florida State Climatologist from the Florida Climate Center, which is the leading authority on climate variability in Florida. Register for the webinar to learn about weather and climate trends related to extreme heat and cold, sea level rise, hurricanes, precipitation, and other factors that impact the stability of the agricultural industry. 


  • State Climatologist of Florida

    David F. Zierden

    Florida State University