Rural Coastal Community Health Science, Policy and the Future – From Lab to Legislation

March 19-20, 2024 | Hyatt Place, Gainesville, Florida

The 2024 State of the Science Meeting is a dynamic event at the intersection of agricultural health and safety research, policy, and outreach communication in the southeastern U.S. This unique gathering annually brings together a distinguished panel of academic scientists, clinicians and policy experts who are at the forefront of addressing the complex occupational health challenges that exist in in rural agricultural communities in the southeast. 

Our esteemed speakers will delve into the latest scientific advancements and policy implications, offering valuable insights into the current state and future prospects of rural healthcare. Attendees will have the opportunity to engage in thought-provoking discussions, gaining a comprehensive understanding of the intricate relationship between science and policy in the context of rural health. 

As part of our commitment to public issues education, participants will also benefit from a dedicated training session. Led by communication experts, this training aims to empower attendees with the skills to articulate scientific concepts to diverse audiences. Upon completion, participants will receive a training certificate, recognizing their commitment to bridging the gap between research and public understanding. 


State of the Science Presentations

Challenges and Opportunities in Rural Healthcare

Mark Holmes - Director and Professor, North Carolina Rural Health Research and Policy Analysis Center

Rural Healthcare Access for Agricultural Workers

John Diaz - Associate Professor and Extension Specialist, University of Florida

Health Research in Rural Communities

Lauri Baker - Co-Founder and Associate Professor, Center for Rural Enterprise Engagement at the University of Florida

A Chord of Three Strands: Extension, Health, and Agriculture

David Buys - Associate Professor, Mississippi State University

Reinventing the Rural Reality: Cultivating Health, Igniting Communities

Linda Gibson-Young - Outreach Coordinator and Professor, Auburn University

Reinventing the Rural Reality: Cultivating Health, Igniting Communities

Hollie Cost - Assistant Vice President of University Outreach & Public Service, Auburn University

How to Use Policy Communication for Impact: The New Tools

Panel Discussion: Policy Communication

Katie Vanlandingham - Associate Vice President, Van Scoyoc Associates

Panel Discussion: Policy Communication

Michael Dukes - UF/IFAS Extension Associate Dean and Director, Center for Land Use Efficiency

A Framework for Telling Your Story to Policymakers

Ricky Telg - Director and Professor, Center for Public Issues Education at the University of Florida

A Framework for Telling Your Story to Policymakers

Lisa Lundy - Outreach Co-I and Professor, Southeastern Coastal Center for Agricultural Health and Safety at the University of Florida